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At Advanced Defensive Concepts you will receive your instruction from some of the most qualified trainers in the industry. Whether it is for serious competition, self defense, or just for fun, our goal is to take your training to the highest level possible.

Advanced Defensive Concepts is serious about providing top rate professional instruction. We are dedicated to safety and customer satisfaction. In addition to classes we also offer PRIVATE INSTRUCTION at your request. Please contact us with any questions at any time. Thank you and Stay Safe!

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"I could not speak more highly of the ADC staff and the training I received. It alarms me the number of fly-by-night firearm courses that seem to grow by the day. To think that anyone would choose not to be trained by the very elite in their respective fields when it pertains to defensive tactics and firearms is astonishing. The training facilities and staff are top notch and each instructor has life long careers with real life experiences. No target or cap gun can teach that. I arrived with a nervous understanding of self-defense and gun ownership and left with the confidence and knowledge that everyone should have who chooses to defend themselves. By the end of the class, one of our best shots was a 70 year old woman with her late husband's revolver! Looking forward to the Carbine class!"
~Jacqueline Abney

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