Pistol 1

Location Information: Sarasota, FL

What you need: Pistol 1 Equipment List | Course Dates: April 29, 2023

Price: $350

Pistol 1 Course April 29. 2023

The Pistol 1 course is for the beginning shooter or someone looking to refresh their basic skills. This is a one day course and you will receive instruction on the fundamentals of pistol shooting, safety, drawing your firearm from the holster, reloading, combat mindset, multiple target engagements and more. We apply these concepts and skills with a thought provoking, exciting range session led by an experienced team. It is our goal to make this course challenging but to do so while having a great time.

Pistol 2 (2 Day)

Location Information: TBD

What you need: Pistol 2 Equipment List | Course Dates: TBD

Price: $500

Our two day Pistol 2 course is for the experienced shooter who wants to improve their skills and learn more advanced tactics. This course is not for a beginning student. You can expect to move and shoot, practice positional shooting, shoot reactionary steel, improve your speed and accuracy, and much more. It is our goal to enhance your skills but to do so while having fun.

Pistol 3 (3 Day)

Course Dates: TBD

Price: $600

In this three day Pistol 3 Program shooters can expect to test the limitations of their pistols and themselves. Intense repetitious drills will be coupled with fun, thought provoking scenarios to maximize the learning experience. Students will be expected to use teamwork and be physically fit. Are you ready?




"My wife and I took Marc's Basic Pistol Class three times because there was so much information that we wanted to get it all. Each time we felt more comfortable in our ability to handle ourselves in a dangerous situation. There are plenty of people out there who can take you through a book in three hours. If you want to feel confident in what you know and how to really handle a firearm, Marc is the best. You won't be disappointed."
~Wiley Jones

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