Carbine 1 (2 Day)

Location Information: Sarasota, FL

What you need: Carbine 1 Equipment List | Course Dates: TBA

Price: $550

Our highly accredited instructors have developed a two day Basic Carbine Program. This program is designed to introduce students to the carbine, how it functions and general operation.

Carbine 1 is for the beginning shooter or someone looking to refresh their basic skills. You will receive instruction on the fundamentals of carbine shooting, safety, multiple target engagement, distance shooting, and much more. We apply concepts and skills with a thought provoking, exciting range session led by an experienced team who really know how to teach.

Carbine 2 (2 Day)

Location Information: TBD

What you need: Carbine 2 Equipment List | Course Dates: TBA

Price: $550

This two day course is designed to pick up where our Carbine 1 course ends. We will ramp up the pace and work your skills. This course is not for beginners and a working knowledge of your weapon is necessary prior to participating. Among other skills and tactics we will be, moving and shooting, utilizing barricades, shooting steel on the move, shooting at distance, and more. This course starts to really pick up the pace so please be prepared by adhering to our requirements and equipment list.

Carbine 3 (3 Day)

Course Dates: TBA

Price: $675

This three day program hits the ground running. It is recommended that students interested in this program are in good physical condition, and have competent carbine and pistol skills. We will be pushing ourselves to failure and learning our limitations while continuing to practice and enhance our capabilities. Stand bye…




"I have taken a number of courses with Marc and Tom and found them to be pitched at exactly the appropriate level to make the days both fun, informative, and a valuable learning experience. The ADC Team have many years of hands on experience, the type of situational experience that can only be picked up from hands on real life engagements. It is that level of skill that makes every one of these courses Advanced. The level of instruction is “Advanced”. The ultimate testament is the familiar faces of fellow students, some of whom I now call friends, that regularly attend these course both as first timers and as refreshers."

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