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You will receive your instruction from some of the most qualified trainers in the industry. Your instructors are a combined team of experienced warfighters with decades of specialized marksmanship and advanced tactical training. They have employed these skills in real world combat experiences that will ensure that you are provided the most effective realistic training available.

Regardless of your experience, ADC instructors will take your training to the highest level possible.

“Competence builds Confidence!”

Marc Pezzella | Instructor Bio

Instructor Marc Firearm Instructor Sarasota
“Be a Survivor not a Victim!”

Marc Pezzella is a retired SWAT Team Operator and SWAT Team Commander having over 21 years of tactical experience and more than 25 years serving the public in Law Enforcement. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He has extensive and diversified exposure to conducting and supervising high risk critical operations. During his service he has worked with the U.S. Secret Service on dignitary protection teams providing security for United States Presidents, Vice Presidents and Diplomats. He has experience working as a U.S Customs Blue Lightening Strike Force Agent, and was a Platoon Leader for the joint mobile field force during the Republican National Convention. Marc also worked for the U.S. Department of State under the Anti- Terrorism Assistance Program (A.T.A.P.). He has received numerous awards including the Combat Cross for his actions during a critical incident and officer involved shooting.

Some of his fields of experience include:

  • Critical incident management and leadership
  • Mission planning
  • Advanced carbine, shotgun and rifle training
  • Youth services and firearms related courses (Eddie Eagle NRA)
  • Vehicle assaults
  • Tubular assaults (commercial airliners, busses etc.)
  • Helicopter insertion/extraction
  • ICS Incident Command System
  • Hostage rescue
  • Explosive breaching
  • CQB Close Quarters Battle
  • Maritime operations
  • Patrol operations
  • Dignitary protection
  • Armored vehicle tactics
  • Concealed weapons
  • Advanced carbine, shotgun and rifle training
  • Narcotics Detective
  • School Detective
  • Advanced investigative interviewing
  • Counter terrorism
  • Search and arrest warrant planning and execution
  • Active shooter training
  • Suicide bombings
  • Counter terrorism urban sniper and police sniper (Sniper Team leader)
  • SWAT Team Trainer
  • Firearms (state and NRA Certified Instructor)
  • Range Safety (certified RSO Range Safety Officer)
  • Defensive Tactics (Instructor)
  • SCTI Criminal Justice Academy (Instructor)
  • FDLE Florida Department of Law Enforcement curriculum (Instructor)
  • Rappelling (Rappel Master)
  • Maritime operations
  • Mobile field force
  • Israeli instinctive shooting




"The Advanced Defensive Concepts staff are among the most proficient and professional operators in the area that you can train with. Their technical competency and real world experience, coupled with a teaching approach that emphasizes safety first while still having fun allows them to effectively train folks at all skill levels. Whether learning self-defense techniques, basic firearms proficiency, advanced tactical training, or just improving your knowledge and technique for the enjoyment of shooting sports, the ADC staff and programs provide great value and impart important skills to their students."
~Patrick Redmond - President and CEO Tervis

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