Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Location Information: After your registration has been completed you will recieve and e-mail two days prior to class with location information.

2019 Course Dates: 8/17, 9/7, 10/5, 11/9, 12/7

Price: $150

CWP August 17, 2019

CWP September 7, 2019

CWP October 5, 2019

CWP November 9, 2019

CWP December 7, 2019

Private Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Location Information: TBD

Call Marc to make an appointment! 941.374.5639

Price: $250

Our Enhanced Concealed Weapons course is a one day course that teaches marksmanship and gun responsibility. Your instruction will far exceed the basic firearms instruction requirement to apply for your permit. You will learn about theory, weapons manipulation and how to apply a proper mind set for today’s potential threats. We will discuss the Law and how it applies directly to you. You will learn about real world scenarios from a team with decades of operational experience.

This instruction will be followed by an intense range session designed to build confidence and improve your marksmanship skills. In our course you can expect to fire up to 100 rounds focusing on the fundamentals of marksmanship. You will receive personalized instruction from our highly competent cadre providing you the highest level training available. Thank you for taking the time to look us up, we look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Concealed Weapons Course Requirements

The first step is to insure you are eligible to obtain a permit in accordance with Florida Law. Please refer to the Concealed Weapon or Firearm Application Instructions from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regarding eligibility requirements.

Equipment List

    Pistol: You will need a firearm (pistol) with 2 magazines or speed loaders. When you come to class please leave your unloaded firearm in your vehicle. We recommend you bring the firearm you will use as your primary for your concealed carry permit. If you do not have a current firearm we may have some to rent. Please contact course instructors well in advance to check on the availability of a rental firearm.

    Ammunition: This course will require up to 100 rounds of ammunition. There are several factors that will influence round count so we would rather you have more than less.

    Hearing and Eye Protection

    Appropriate Clothing: We will spend a significant part of the day on the range so we recommend you wear clothing that protects your entire body. Long pants, long sleeve shirt and good foot-wear. Boots or sneakers are recommended, NO sandals. Don’t forget a good hat to protect you from the sun. We will shoot in the rain unless lightening is present so please be prepared for inclement weather.

    Sun Screen: A must!

    Note taking material: Paper and pencil/pen

    Food/Drinks: Please bring enough food and refreshments to sustain yourself all day!

See You Soon!




"When my fiancée and I were searching for a conceal/carry weapons course, Advanced Defensive Concepts came highly recommended. Marc and Tom are very approachable instructors, and they lived up to their reputation for emphasizing safety, which made the shooting exercises more enjoyable. These guys don't have to brag about being experienced; they exude the professionalism and confidence you'd expect from seasoned operators. We were very impressed all around and are looking forward to going back for more training."
~Brent Campbell

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