Carbine: It is required to have your own firearm for this course. Please contact a course instructor if you question the type of Carbine you have. In some cases we may have firearms to rent if you are unable to meet this requirement.

Magazines: You will need at least 2 magazines, if you have more we suggest you bring them.

Ammunition: This course will require up to 500 rounds of ammunition. There are several factors that will influence round count so we would rather you have more than less.

Magazine pouches: It is not necessary to have magazine pouches but is highly recommended. Having these will make life much easier for you. Your magazine pouch/holder should hold at least 2 magazines. Good quality leather or Kydex style will work fine. Please contact your instructors if you would like more information.

Slings: A good single point sling is recommended but double points work also.

Hearing and eye protection: Please bring shooting glasses and ear protection. Muff style ear protection is best.

Appropriate clothing: We will spend the majority of the day on the range so we highly recommend clothing that protects your entire body, including long sleeve shirts. Good foot wear is also a must, no sandals or open toe shoes. A hat will help keep the sun out of your eyes and protect you. We will shoot during minimal rain unless lighting is a risk, so please be prepared for inclement weather.

Sun Screen: A must!

Food/Drinks: Please bring enough food and drinks for yourself for two full days!

See You Soon!




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